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Dear County/Region Secretary,

The circumstances under which members do not affiliate to their geographical county and region has been raised with me and I would appreciate your advice and guidance.

Considering the matter, I would like to put the guidance below in place that will take effect in the coming affiliation year (October 2016 onwards).

Law 22 sets out a certain degree of freedom in how clubs affiliate to counties and regions. Historically this has been used for the intention behind the law – to allow clubs to affiliate to a neighbouring county where it makes sense geographically for the development of archery. For instance, Bicester AC in Oxfordshire is a member of Northamptonshire Archery Association, Croesowalt AC in Shropshire until recently, was a member of the North Wales Archery Association and Parkfield Archers in Cambridgeshire are members of the Norfolk Archery Association.

However, a very few clubs are using a previous interpretation of this Law to avoid being part of the county and region structure that is integral to archery in the UK. To clarify the matter, from October 2016, Archery GB revokes any previous interpretation and will only accept club member affiliations from clubs whose members are all:

  • affiliated to their geographical county and region; or
  • affiliated to a neighbouring county and region with the mutual consent of both the counties

Clubs who have historically affiliated to neighbouring county need take no action. Any club which wishes to take this route for the first time will initially need to contact both the counties and obtain their permission in writing. This will then need to be attached to the annual return.

Direct Members will also be required to affiliate to their geographical county and region.


Neil Armitage

CEO (Interim)