Gwent Records for the Longbows

SKB Logo (small)Congratulations to St Kingsmark Bowmen archers Nicola Phillips, John Schurer and Aubrey Murphy for their new longbow records at Black and Gold Archers Spring Tournament on 15th May 2016.

Nicola beat her own Hereford Ladies Longbow record by 114 points with a score of 441.

John beat last year’s Hereford Gents Longbow record by 153 points with a score of 355.

Aubrey established the Gents Longbow record for the York with a score of 164.

LlantarnamAnd let’s not forget about Andy Tan of Llantarnam Archery Club. He hasn’t been shooting the longbow for very long but he still managed to beat the National Gents Longbow record on 1st May 2016 at Exeter Company of Archers.

Well done everyone!

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