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The competition of the final day of the Para Rio selection shoot matched the weather on Sunday, with a new world record and tense one arrow shoot-offs.

The final day of the Para Rio selection shoot saw sizzling performances from all who took part. There was no room for error and the stakes were high, as the archers battled it out to secure their places for the ten Rio spaces that were up for grabs.

The event which was streamed live for the first time in its history saw W1 Jo Frith set a new world record (subject to ratification) with a score of 144 for a 15 arrow pass, breaking her own previous world record of 141.

Jo said: “It’s been a tough four days for me, and to come out on the final day when I’m tired and it’s the end of a long competition. I came out it was perfect conditions this morning and I just relaxed and let my shot flow, I got into a rhythm and to beat my record by three points is unbelievable!”

There were some tense matches throughout the day, one of which came from Dave Philips [of Llantarnam Archery Club] who won his second and final match on a one arrow shoot off against William Fortnam in order to finish in first place in the recurve men open category.

“Towards the end of the shoot I was getting my confidence back,” said Dave Phillips. “I knew where the middle was and as long as I got my timing sorted I was confident the arrow was going to go in the middle.”

Jodie Grinham who finished in first place out of the compound women, put in an outstanding performance for the final match of the day against Paralympic silver medallist Mel Clarke. After a score of 135-135 the match went to a one arrow shoot off in which they both put in a nine line cutter, with Jodie’s arrow finally being judged as closer to the center.

“This was my toughest match because it was so close,” said Jodie “Mel started started off with a two point lead and then I took it back so we were neck and neck all the way. Then to take it to a shoot off was brilliant and for me to not be able to judge it well enough to what I needed to do, it was a great learning curve, great pressured situation, I loved it, absolutely loved it!”

The Paralympic Team will be announced by the BPA later in the month.

Cumulative scores from the top two places in each category can be viewed below:

Recurve Women Open:
Tania Nadarajah 1766.8
Amanda George 1745.5

Recurve Men Open:
Dave Phillips 1913.8
Paul Browne 1910.8

Compound Women Open:
Jodie Grinham: 2660.0
Pheobe Pine 2466.0

Compound Men Open:
Nathan MacQueen 2706.0
Mikey Hall 2688.0

W1 Women:
Jo Frith 2377.0,
Jess Stretton 2272.0

W1 Men:
John Walker: 2600.0
John Cavanagh 2412.0

Source: Hot Competition on Final Day of the Para Rio Selection Shoot : News | Archery GB