What a day at Lilleshall!

LlantarnamWhat a day at Lilleshall! Rain, wind and hailstones!

The horde from Llantarnam Archery Club went to the World Record Status Staffordshire Bucks and County Shoot on 30th April and 1st May at the Lilleshall National Sports Centre and came back with a few new Gwent records.

The Bucks category is shooting for money (pot amount dependent upon entries). The Bounty category is shooting for trophies (junior and cadet rounds are entered into Bounty entry).

There was a 720 and Head to Head on Saturday, followed by a Double 720 on Sunday.

On the first day, everyone eventually got through to the Head to Head. Jonathan Dyke got first place at the end of the 70m, got 2 byes and knocked out the first opponent. The heavens opened and the Head to Head was called off and cancelled due to bad light and weather.

On day two, unfortunately for some the shoot was not called off. The weather was windy, overcast with occasional showers and cold but no hailstones. Everyone of the Horde shot their best under the conditions, Steve, Thea, Jonathan, Victoria and Dave. A day to dig deep and hang in there. The “roadies” Tasha, Jason, Gail, Katy, and Peter did what they could too bolster the team, but mostly they stayed in their tents trying to keep warm. The first day may have taken its toll on the stamina of all, however Jonathan Dyke managed to win the Bucks prize money (of which 90% was deducted by the roadie/manager) Dave came third in the Bucks and Victoria had a PB for a double 70(1000+). Steve and Thea put up a good fight but ’twas not their day.

A good time was had by all and even though the weather was not the best they still managed to keep the spirits up and had a laugh – or was that a cry? 

Congratulations to the following archers on their new Gwent records:

  • Victoria Flanagan, Ladies Recurve – FITA 70m and Double FITA 70m
  • Jonathan Dyke, Gents Recurve – FITA 70m
  • Steve Edwards, Gents Compound – FITA 70m
  • Thea Rogers, Junior Girl Recurve – FITA 70m and Double FITA 70m

By Peter Dyke