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The Gwent County Archery Association is the county association for archery clubs in Gwent and Monmouthshire.

We are affiliated to the Grand National Archery Association, now known as Archery GB, and the Welsh Archery Association (WAA).


                    Gwent County Archery Association

The 2019 AGM of Gwent County Archery Society took place on 19th November 2019 and the minutes have been passed to Gwent Club Secretaries to circulate around their members.

There are two vacancies within GCAA and these are:
Child Protection Officer
WAA Representative

If anyone from a Gwent Affiliated Club Could fill one or both posts we would be very grateful
Please contact the County Secretary for more details.


St Kingsmark Bowmen
WA-18m 6th January 2019



The Raw unchecked Results are Here

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Llantarnam Archery Club Host
The 2019 UKRS Double Portsmouth

UK RECORD STATUS Double Portsmouth Round
Sunday 20th January 2019


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Archers of Underwood

Host the Great Curry Shoot of 2019
Portsmouth Round
31st March 2019


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Llantarnam Archery Club
WRS WA-720 & H2H 5th May 2019



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St Kingsmark Bowmen

Gwent County Archery Association
2019 Annual WA-1440 Championships
1st September 2019



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