Coach and Leader

To get started in coaching all you need to be is enthusiastic about archery and the progression of others.

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Level One Coach

If you are a club archer or active volunteer who is enthusiastic about introducing new people to the sport and helping them to improve, then the Level 1 Award in Coaching Archery will give you all the skills, experience and resources that you need.

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Level Two Coach

The Level 2 coaching course offers the next step in the coaching pathway, giving you the skills to help archers improve and compete.

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Licence and Renewal

Archer GB encourages coaches to remain active and maintain their standards of coaching. To renew your coach license you need to demonstrate that you are committed to maintaining or improving your skills.

Archery GB provides full guidance on how to renew your coaching licence at the appropriate time.

Please find listed below full guidance on how to renew your coaching licence at the appropriate time.

Guide to coach renewal

CPD renewal matrix

Coach renewal form Level 1

Coach renewal form Level 2 and above

Coach renewal panel notes

The renewal panel reply to the office, pages 4 and 5, are available on application to National Coaching Officer – Education with the contact details of the Renewal Panel Chairman.

Please use the contact form below to forward your completed renewal form to our County Coaching Officer (CCO), Debbie Cooke. If you  prefer to do it by post then please email Debbie using the form below and she will send you her address.

Please use this form to renew your coaching licence only. For any other communication, please Contact Us.

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    Coaching Resources

    There are a variety of specific archery and general sports resources available designed to help coaches learn and develop their skills.

    In every edition of the Archery UK magazine, the country’s top coaches and lead sports scientists share their expertise on specific topics and offer top tips to coaches and their archers.

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    Child Protection

    It has been decided by the National Coaching Committee that coaches will have to show evidence of attendance at a child protection workshop once every six years.

    There are many child protection workshops available but Archery GB will also be able to supply access to an online course.

    These changes take effect on 1 January 2017.


    Properly licensed coaches can now charge for coaching within the Archery GB environment and still be covered.

    To retain cover you need to ensure:

    1. All participants of your coaching event are members of Archery GB, a member of a formal beginners course or a non-member undertaking practice as part of a Archery GB Level 1 course and you are acting as their mentor.
    2. You hold a current Archery GB coaching licence of at least L1 standard. If your licence has expired or archers ‘coaching’ other members will not be covered if they charge.
    3. The event should take place as part of a recognised club, county, regional or national event. You could use an appropriate location such as a sports hall hired for the purposes of running a coaching event, providing the previous conditions are satisfied and a suitable risk assessment is in place. We recommend a note is made in the relevant minutes that this is a recognised event and that the venue is recorded as an acceptable club, county or regional venue.
    4. You are covered for certain have-a-goes, providing you are representing your club, county or region and charging for your time and expertise. You should be paid a pre-agreed amount, regardless of the income earned and with the financial risk being underwritten by a third party. Commercial ventures on your own account, where you keep the profits, would not be covered.

    Freelance coaching or coaching paid or unpaid, outside of the Archery GB environment isnot covered. To avoid any doubt, you are still not insured to:

    • Coach non-members of Archery GB (other than club-sanctioned beginners’ courses or have-a-goes).
    • Coach one-to-one outside of the Archery GB environment – such as your own or other commercial premises, your own home.
    • Coach in schools/youth clubs/scout troops or similar, paid or unpaid, unless it is part of an affiliated Archery GB club.

    Any coach who wants to do some work will need to obtain independent insurance cover. The Sports Coach UK Scheme is a good place to start.